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  • Security Update

    November 27, 2015 by OfBlue Webhosting
  • As OfBlue Hosting progress, we are improving ourselves one way or another. This time around, we are giving you a few updates about our security features. We are doing our best so you can have your site on a safe server and be happy working on your site without worrying that the server is vulnerable. We do our best to keep your site safe! 

    Some general tips of suggestion:

    • Update your scripts (such as WordPress) when possible ASAP.
    • Don't install scripts, themes, or plugins you don't use.
    • Don't share your account information.
    • Don't browse through sensitive data in an untrusted/public network.

    What we are doing on our end:

    • Implementing and adjusting security settings as needed.
    • Updating scripts on the server side.
    • Force updating the scripts on the client's side if they failed to update after a period of time.
    • Running a virus scan throughout the server.
    • Have remote backups in case a catastrophe or two happens. 

    Last note: We updated our server to MySQL 5.6. Let us know if you have any problems. We will be updating Apache shortly. 

    Happy developing! 

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