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  • General Information - 2021

    Happy 2021! 

    Don't forget to use coupon code: new10 for all NEW annual packages. You don't need to be a new customer! 

    If you want to contact us for support, feel free to do any of the following:

    Check our Twitter for the latest updates. 

    WE PROVIDE SSL CERTIFICATES FREE OF CHARGE! Turn your website into https:// for your own security and compliance with web browser requirements. Chrome web browser will mark all websites without an SSL certificate as “Not Secure” starting in July 2018. Contact us for more information. 

    UPDATE: As of November 24, 2019, all websites automatically redirect to https://. Please do not use http:// going forward. 

    Check out our FAQ page! https://ofblue.org/faq.html

    General information you need to know:

    For Reseller Hosting

    In 2019, cPanel changed their pricing model to account-based pricing. This means each cPanel account is being charged, rather than a flat fee being applied to one server. You can perform your independent research to verify this news. While we are forced to adopt the new pricing model, we are doing our best to keep our prices reasonable. After doing some extensive research, we have a new pricing model to be in parallel with cPanel.

    The periodic base pricing has not changed. However, all reseller accounts come with 5 cPanel licenses (your domain + 4 additional cPanel accounts). If you need more, we offer 20 additional cPanel licenses for $6 per month. However, you can still host unlimited domains - except the domains will not have a dedicated cPanel account. You can partition them as an add-on domain and its own FTP account. 

    At this time, your reseller account has a limitation of 5 cPanel licenses. Thank you for your cooperation! Let us know if you have any questions! 

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