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  • December 26, 2017 by OfBlue Webhosting
  • With the new server installed, here are some information you need to know:

    Our new nameservers are the following (usernames and passwords are the same):

    cPanel users can use any of the URLs below:
    - https://YOURURL.COM:2083
    WHM users can use any of the URLs below:
    - will be retired.

    If you face any issues with the new server, please let us know. We will be more than happy to work on the issues. Here are a few known fixes:

    - Why do I see "404 error" when I click on my WordPress blog post?
    - - This is a permalinks issue. Log on to your dashboard > settings > permalinks > select the permalink settings you desire > save. This should fix the problem.
    - I made some changes on my post/page/etc but it is not reflected on the new server.
    - - Let us know what is the discrepancy in specific and we will be more than happy to export/import your latest files over.
    - What is the new IP address?
    - -
    We value your trust. Happy holidays!
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